Long way by Mari-Josefine

Physically present, mentally traveling. A long the way I engage in different activities and explore how different people live and what I want to do with my life. The destination is longterm happiness...And I want to be an entrepreneur...

Businessplan finally done!

Have been working really hard with my entrepreneur project since middle of march, and I’am finally done with my businessplan. The obstical in front of me now, is money. At one of the conferences I went to, they spoke about a site were you could present your idea and get investors from all over the world. This is one option, or it’s different contests like this Kick-off I went to last week, where the greates idea got a sponsor. How cool isn’t that.

My idea, without spoiling to much, is mostly based on logistics and transport in an inovating and environmental way, of course. 

Todays event - Young leadership

Today I went to an event in Oslo, the capital in Norway. I had been invited to a conference with representatives from different Norwegian industrys that support young leadership and entrepreneurship. The conference also fronted young African entrepreneurs. In Africa, or Sub- Sahara which was the area broth up, the majority of the population is young, and this will just grove the next years. Different from this, is the population in Norway, our population suffer from an older wave. It’s also not to hide behind a sofa, that Norway is a high-cost country, it’s hard to establish an idea and make it run economically. But the biggest problem that is killing entrepreneurship, is the old people whitch are running the system, they sit in different directorates, departments and boards, I feel like the overclass of the oldern population is like a cartell against the young, but of course there is exceptions.

These events, like the one I was at today, is an example of theese exceptions. It really is companies that support young entrepreneurship and want to invest money in great young ideas. I was amazed about have much you can really do, if you want to. You know,when you read a quote like ” If you can dream it, you can do it”, it make you feel great and powerfull! Well, I have always though of these quotes as an western posted quote, but the conference today made me realise that in Africa, so many are working from AID to MAID ( get the pun?). I have like, been looking at different succsessful entrepreneurs in Africa, but mostly Norway and other western countries, and it seems like most of them have had a different or hard childhood or come across other big obstacles. This made me change my opinion about the what I thought earlier was western posted quotes because, if you didn’t come from a place where you had been dreaming about your goal, you either didn’t want it OR already had it. Therefor ” If you can dream it, YOU can do it”. You have to come from a place, and want something soooooo freaking badly, and stay hungry for this dream of yours.

- MJ